The Farm


Sunset View Creamery’s artisan milk cheese is the result of five generations of dedicated family dairy farming on the same 348-acre farm that has been in the Hoffman family since 1905.  For over 110 years, Hoffman Farm has nourished Finger Lakes families with top-quality milk and cheese.

When George Hoffman and his wife Georgia purchased the spacious farm in the 1905, they raised 10 Holstein cattle that were the foundation for our current herd of over 85 cows and youngstock today.  Over the years, we have added a bit more “color” to our herd with the Ayrshire, Jersey, and Red and White Holstein breeds being represented, but the majority of our genetics trace back to those original cows.

We believe that consumers will appreciate where their cheese comes from and how the care that goes into making cheese aligns directly with the care that goes into the cows.  The exceptional care we take in raising, feeding, and handling our cows results in consistently high quality milk which translates into exceptional tasting farmstead cheeses